TREAT Micro-Active Treatment

By Revive


Apply Treat to hair roots and onto scalp by holding the nozzle close to areas of treatment. Gently massage in treat with fingertips for penetration. Treat is a leave-in scalp and root treatment so there is no need to rinse. Temporary redness may occur in areas of treatment due to increased circulation. This is normal and a sign of the treatment working.

To prove how effective Reviv3 is, we subjected it to a rigorous study from a nationally recognized independent laboratory. The results speak for themselves:

  • 300% increase in hair strength
  • 75% reduction in broken hair fibers
  • 81.51% improvement in pH scalp health
  • 72.7% of participants showed improvements in hair density
  • 75.8% of participants showed improvements in hair thickness
  • 100% of participants experienced improvements in scalp health
  • 97% of participants showed improvements in circulation
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