Lash Luxury Daily Eyelash Serum

By lash luxury


Imagine waking up to perfectly full, long, and luscious lashes every day without the need for a high-maintenance beauty routine. Our natural eyelash serum was formulated using clinically tested peptides that help boost your eyelash growth cycle and result in stunning-looking lashes. It is time for you to start living in lash luxury.

3.5ml Lasts      2ml Lasts
5-6 months     3 months


First, ensure your eyelid & eyelashes are clean and dry. Shake the serum in the bottle before removing the applicator and gently wipe the brush on the rim of the bottle to reduce any excess product.


Apply a thin stroke of serum across your top lash line, as you would your eyeliner. No need to double dip and let this dry for a few minutes before applying mascara. (Starting with serum, ending with mascara is a good formula.)


Apply daily for 3 months!
You may see results in as little as 3 weeks with maximum results achieved in 8-10 weeks. After 3 months, apply every second day to maintain results.

One dip of the applicator is enough serum for both eyes.
While we have never received feedback of night time irritation, we want you to have the best experience possible with LashLuxury!

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