BOOST Biotin Cellular Complex

By Revive


Used twice daily, boost provides low-density density areas with a Tri-peptide dermal respiratory complex designed to increase cellular turnover and return scalp skin to a more youthful state. Our state-of-the-art nutrient delivery system targets hair follicles to stimulate and repair, using microcirculation to bring nutrients to the hair roots. Protects against sun damage, used in areas such as hairlines and crown or any area where you can easily see the scalp.

REVIV3 Boost Treatment increases circulation to follicles for optimum nutrient absorption and delivers a blend of highly potent ingredients for follicle health and maintenance. With regular use, Boost has shown to be effective for:

  • Increase follicle and hair stem strength
  • Reduce hair and scalp inflammation
  • Repair damage and prevent breakage
  • Prevent the formation of DHT and hair follicle clogging
  • Shields your scalp and hair from harmful UV rays
  • Increase microcirculation and promote cellular turnover
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