The Oil

By Lalicious


Enrich your skin from head to toe with THE ONE body oil you will ever need. THE Oil is an exquisite formulation designed to provide powerful anti-aging and anti-oxidant benefits in one multi-use product. Made with Coconut Oil Marula Oil and a proprietary blend of highly effective plant extracts this lavish oil provides lasting nourishment while healing and protecting your skin. This intimate blend of Peach Nectar Coconut Milk and Creamy Musks inspire our senses as we experience temptingly beautiful skin from head to toe.

*Because this product is made with Coconut Oil it may harden in cooler temperatures if this happens you can put the bottle under hot water for a minute leave it in sunlight or simply store it in your shower where there is steam. It should soften up and easily come out of the bottle. This process is completely normal and in-fact assures you that this product is PACKED with all the amazing benefits of Coconut Oil which is a good thing!!

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