Glazed Lips - L301 Ellis Red/Sheer Blood Red

By Ellis Faas


WHAT - A highly-pigmented lip-gloss for an ultra-wet yet long-lasting splash of colour that combines transparency and intensity. Non-sticky so providing superior comfort both in application and on the lips. Plant seed oils improve hydration and protect your lips.

WHY - A mega-shiny gloss to bring out your lips to the fullest both as a covering shade but also as a mere stain.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS - Glazed Lips is made from plant seed oils that hydrate as well as Tocotrienol (a powerful antioxidant and component of Vitamin E) Vitamin C and Omegas 3 and 6.

HOW – Apply Glazed Lips with the brush applicator first by painting the lips with just a small amount of gloss then fully load the applicator to fill inside of the lips. Glazed Lips is also great for a more stained effect: just load a tiny bit of the gloss onto the applicator apply and blot for a stain.

A “Human Colour” and therefore suitable for each skin tone age or style.

No scent. No taste. No stickiness. No parabens. No animal testing.

Ellis Red is Ellis' signature colour: it is based on the natural colour of blood. That colour is the same in all of us so therefore it doesn't clash with anyone's skin. Loved by women who never wore any other red lipstick before as well as by red lipstick die-hards.

Ellis Red comes in all three Ellis Lips textures: Creamy Lips (which feels the most like a traditional lipstick) Milky Lips (for those who do not like the feel of a lipstick - it is a lighter texture) and Glazed Lips (a non-sticky gloss with a higher pigment load than regular glosses).

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